LaGrange Commission Approves Drone Purchase For Surveyor
By: Mike Stiles - Saturday, December 9, 2023

photo courtesy of BH Equipment

LAGRANGE – If you see a drone flying over portions of LaGrange County in the near future, there’s no need to panic.

It’s some new equipment being used by the LaGrange County Surveyor’s Office.

On Monday, Surveyor Zach Holsinger presented a purchase request to the LaGrange County Commission to get a drone. Holsinger shared that Deputy Surveyor Cory Stewart did the research on the drones, and then presented that information to the Commissioners.

Holsinger says this is something he has been talking about doing for the last few years. The drone will help out his department in many different ways, and he says Stewart is willing to get his license to be able to operate the drone.

The Commissioners voted unanimously to allow Holsinger to purchase the drone.


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