REMC Fiber Network Nearly Ready In Steuben County
Wednesday, September 20, 2023

STEUBEN COUNTY – The Steuben County REMC’s fiber project is running ahead of schedule and is set to complete by the end of 2023. ]

Despite early challenges, the REMC has aggressively built-out the fiber network over the past 18 months by replacing 1250 poles and installing over 800 miles of new fiber.

High-speed internet service is currently available to over 8,000 member homes and businesses within the first 3 phases of their service territory, projecting that as late as early December the remaining 2,000 members in Phase 4 will have access.

This will complete their initial $30 million dollar investment to providing fiber-optic high-speed internet to the region.

Members seeking more information or to place their order can contact the REMC office at 665-3563, or visit remcsteuben.com to check the availability of their location.



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