Hamilton Obtaining Fiber-To-The-Home With Lakeland Internet
Thursday, August 10, 2023

Image courtesy of Lakeland Internet

HAMILTON - Friday, July 28 marked an exciting development for the residents of Hamilton as Lakeland Internet, a pioneering internet service provider, announces the commencement of its Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) project in the area. T
his groundbreaking venture will transform the way individuals and businesses in Hamilton connect with the world, boosting connectivity and delivering ultra-fast, reliable internet service directly to their homes.

The initiation of this project was made possible thanks to the cooperative efforts of the Hamilton Town Council and Town Manager, who have worked diligently alongside Lakeland Internet to ensure this innovative technology reaches the community.

"We are extremely grateful for the support and cooperation we have received from the Town of Hamilton, its Council, and Town Manager Brent Shull," said Mark Byler. "Our combined dedication to technological progress marks a significant step forward for the community of Hamilton, and will no doubt have a transformative impact on its future."

By replacing traditional copper wire with fiber-optic cables, the community can look forward to a more robust and reliable internet connection. The project will also contribute to the town's economic growth by attracting businesses that rely on fast, dependable internet and boosting the town's appeal for new residents.

As Hamilton embraces this new chapter of digital advancement, residents can expect a phased rollout of services, with the first connections anticipated in the coming months. The project underlines Lakeland Internet's commitment to bring cutting-edge internet solutions to its customers, improving the quality of life, fostering digital inclusion, and facilitating economic growth.

Lakeland Internet is thrilled to partner with Hamilton and eagerly anticipates the future success and prosperity this collaboration will bring to the community.

For further information about the project, please visit www.lakelandfiber.com

Photo pictured Left to Right:
1.) Mark Byler - Lakeland Internet General Manager
2.) Ray Signs - Wideband Group
3.) Tony Cassell - Hamilton Community Schools Superintendent, RDC
4.) Grey Martin - Hamilton Town Council
5.) Rich Sholl - President. of the Redevelopment commission
6.) Tom Werling - Hamilton Town Council
7.) Brent Shull - Hamilton Town Manager
8.) Mary Vail - Hamilton Town Council


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