Humane Shelter Of Steuben County In Dire Need Of Donations
By: Beth Swary - Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County

ANGOLA - The Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County released a press release on Tuesday, August 1 to get world out regarding their dire need for donations.

The shelter is requesting monetary donations, in-kind donations, volunteers, fosters and advocates.

Press Release from Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County's Director Adrienne Long

As the sun sets on another day, and the cool breeze brings the promise of a new dawn, the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben stands steadfast in its mission to protect and care for the vulnerable animals that rely on their compassion and generosity.

Nestled in the heart of Steuben County, this haven of hope has been a beacon of light for countless abandoned and neglected animals for several years.

However, to continue its lifesaving work, the shelter is now facing a critical challenge—a shortage of resources. The call for donations has never been more urgent, as the shelter strives to keep its doors open and provide a second chance at life for those who have none.

The Importance of the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben

The Community Humane Shelter of Steuben is more than just an animal shelter; it is a safe-haven for animals in dire circumstances. Since its inception, the shelter has tirelessly worked to rescue, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for animals in need.

Their team of dedicated professionals and volunteers work round the clock, providing food, shelter, medical care, and most importantly, love and attention to animals that have been abandoned, abused, or left to fend for themselves.

The shelter's proactive approach to animal welfare has made a significant impact on reducing the number of stray animals on the streets and controlling the pet overpopulation crisis in the region.

Through their tireless efforts, they have educated the community about responsible pet ownership, spaying, and neutering, leading to a more compassionate society for both animals and humans.

The Ongoing Struggle: Need for Donations

Despite the shelter's remarkable contributions to the community, they face an ongoing financial challenge that puts their vital work in jeopardy.

The rising costs of animal care, medical expenses, and upkeep of the facility have stretched their limited resources to the breaking point.

The situation is exacerbated by unforeseen events such as natural disasters, pandemics, and economic downturns, which can further strain their already tight budget.

With the number of animals in need increasing, the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben finds itself at a crossroads. Without sufficient funds to maintain operations, they risk closing their doors, leaving countless innocent lives at risk.

The thought of turning away animals in desperate need of help weighs heavily on the hearts of the shelter's dedicated staff.

How Donations Can Make a Difference

Donations play a pivotal role in ensuring the survival of the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben and sustaining its mission to rescue, heal, and rehome animals in crisis. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant impact on the lives of these defenseless creatures.

Here's how donations can help:

Provide Nourishment: Regular and nutritious meals are essential for the health and well-being of the shelter's residents. Donations can help ensure that every animal receives the proper sustenance they need to thrive.
Medical Care: Many animals arriving at the shelter require medical attention due to injuries, illnesses, or neglect. Donations can cover veterinary bills, surgeries, vaccinations, and other necessary treatments.

Shelter Maintenance: The shelter must provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for its residents. Donations can be utilized to maintain and upgrade facilities, ensuring a better quality of life for the animals in their care.

Education and Outreach: Donations enable the shelter to conduct educational programs and community outreach, promoting responsible pet ownership and fostering empathy towards animals.

Adoption Programs: Funds can be used to facilitate adoption events, marketing efforts, and providing post-adoption support, ensuring that more animals find loving forever homes.

How You Can Help

The Community Humane Shelter of Steuben is a lifeline for animals in distress, and your support can make a difference. Here are some ways you can contribute:

Monetary Donations: Any amount, no matter how small, can have a positive impact on the shelter's ability to care for animals. Consider setting up a monthly donation to provide ongoing support.

In-Kind Contributions: Donations of pet food, blankets, toys, and other supplies are always welcome and help ease the financial burden.

Volunteer: Offer your time and skills to help with animal care, administrative tasks, or fundraising events.

Foster: Consider fostering an animal in need, providing them with a temporary home and love until they find their forever family.
Advocate: Raise awareness about the shelter's need for donations by sharing their story on social media and encouraging others to support their cause.


The Community Humane Shelter of Steuben stands as a testament to the compassion and empathy of a community united in its commitment to protecting and caring for animals in need.

By supporting the shelter through donations, you can be a part of this incredible journey of hope and healing. Your contribution can save lives, one paw at a time, and help create a brighter, more humane future for the animals of Steuben County.

Together, we can ensure that the shelter's doors remain open, welcoming every soul in search of compassion, care, and a second chance at life.



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