Pansophia Academy Welcomes Service Dog Jet
By: Beth Swary - Monday, July 31, 2023

Pansophia Academy, Jet

COLDWATER, MI - Pansophia Academy has welcomed a new school therapy dog, named Jet, as part of the school community.

In a social media post the school said, "Students may be in contact with our therapy dog, throughout the school year, under the supervision of Miss Morgan and Mrs.Gray, in the form of classroom or playground visits, interactions in the office, or as part of an agreed upon therapy plan."

Just like his classmates, Jet has all required vaccinations and certifications.

"Therapy dogs provide many benefits in the school setting. They help children learn compassion, empathy, responsibility, respect, and self-discipline. Therapy dogs offer comfort and non-judgmental love. Studies have proven that even a short amount of time in the presence of a dog can decrease levels of anxiety and increase emotional security."

Pansophia plans to start familiarizing Jet to the school building during the next few weeks of summer.

The academy stated if parents/guardians do not wish their students to interact with Jet, they can stop by the school's main office and fill out a Therapy Dog Opt Out Form.


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