A New Restaurant May Be Coming to Crooked Lake
By: Sheila McCrea - Thursday, December 2, 2021

CROOKED LAKE, IN — More development could be coming to Crooked Lake in Steuben County.

A proposed eatery, tavern, gas station, and convenience store called Anchor Down would potentially be housed in a building complex. Once opened, Anchor Down would be located on Lane 101 Crooked Lake in a section of the parking lot near the public beach in the Steuben County Park.

Co-founder of Anchor Down Kevin Summers told WANE TV of Fort Wayne his business group is looking to build Anchor Down in a corner of the parking lot from the would lease from Steuben County. The building itself would be about 50 feet by 38 feet.

Once leased, Summers would pay for construction costs and when it’s finished, Summers and his wife would run all four businesses for the next 20 years. Once the 20-year lease is up, the buildings would go back to the county and the county can then offer a new lease to a new tenant.

Back in April 2021, Summers started the process with the Steuben County Commissioners. The project can’t begin until final approval comes from commissioners which could come as soon as January 2022.


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