Craven Addresses Burr Oak Township Board
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, June 10, 2021

BURR OAK TOWNSHIP – A local entrepreneur wants to open up a business in Burr Oak Township.

For the last two years, Matt Craven has been working with the Burr Oak Township Board to try and open his marijuana based business. To date, the Township has opted out of allowing those types of businesses from being able to operate in their jurisdiction.

During Monday's meeting, the Township Board was set to discuss the possibility of letting marijuana based businesses open up and operate. Prior to that part of the meeting, Craven told the Township Board he sent them a copy of an ordinance that is drafted for Burr Oak Township, which their lawyer would have to look over. Craven says the ordinance is worded so that it doesn't just benefit him, but would work for anyone who wanted to open a marijuana based business in the Township.

Craven says he wants to see the entire community thrive. If the Township Board would allow marijuana based businesses to open an operate, Craven says that would provide people with jobs and a good pay rate, and deliver tax money back to the Township. The Township Board tabled their discussion on marijuana based businesses until their July 12 meeting. They directed Township attorney Lance Thornton to investigate the matter and come back with a proposed ordinance and recommendation on what they should do.


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